Does anyone use Google anymore? And should we just go home, give up and stick the kettle on instead? Well, in the video below, you’ll learn all of that, plus much more. So let’s get straight to the point, is SEO dead? 
The short answer is no, SEO still works better than ever, but you have to optimize your website properly, and that means creating great quality content, optimizing your keywords, building links to your site, and these are all really important foundations to follow if you want to get results from SEO. A lot of people will tell you: 
  • SEO is harder than ever
  • It’s extremely challenging
  • And it’s more competitive than ever on Google
But the truth is that if you follow the foundations of SEO, and you properly optimize your website, you’re still ahead of 90% of your competitors. 
However, you shouldn’t rely on Google completely so build up some backup sources of traffic, make sure you don’t do anything blackhat, and keep growing your site with SEO and other sources of traffic.
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