Google AnalyticsThat’s Google-speak for website traffic statistics – how many people came to your site, from what country, using what devices, how long did they stay, which pages are most popular, and so on – in fact, over 100 metrics. But it’s not information for information sake: it will help you define what is important to your visitors and improve it.

Why are Google Analytics useful?

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Simple as that. Let’s say you intend to spend money on Google Adwords or LinkedIn or Facebook advertising, or a trade magazine or newspaper. How will you know what effect this had on traffic and therefore the return on investment? You need to benchmark, put a line in the sand, before you spend any money.

Actually Searches versus Assumed Searches

Google Analytics also sorts the wheat from the chaff; it will show you what keywords people are actually using to find your site, rather than what you assume they are using. Normally there is a very big gap between our assumptions and the reality. We can take this real-world information and then optimise your site to meet these actual world searches. That way your pages are more likely to come up under real-world search conditions. Likewise, you can see where your customers are: what country, what town or city. This will help you target your marketing by geography.

Monthly Stats Sent to Your Mailbox or Tablet

Dynamic Web Solutions can either set up an end-of-month summary report to be sent directly to your email mailbox or give you access to the full Google Analytics suite of reports. Summary reports will show you general trends while the full suite will show you everything imaginable – short of your visitor’s name and address. You may prefer the review your Analytics on your tablet or smartphones. Specialised apps are available for this now.

Every site Dynamic Web Solutions makes has Analytics built in from day one. This is critical to any future SEO and search engine marketing efforts to track and measure success.