A domain name is your name on the web. It is the part of your web address that comes after the www. Your domain name is will also be used after the “@” symbol in your email addresses. Therefore it is important to register a domain name the closely reflects your business name and is easy for people to remember and type.

You can also register variations of your domain name to prevent competitors from using a name close to yours or to capture and forward traffic to your main name. This is very common and most people have 2-3 domains.

Domain Name Guidelines

Registering a domain name is the first step in any online enterprise. Your domain name should:

  1. Reflect your actual business name.
  2. Be short, so it can be remembered easily if seen on a TV ad, bus side, footpath sign or website that wasn’t bookmarked.
    Also, the shorter your domain name, the less likely it is to be mis-keyed in the browser address field.
  3. You should consider buying variations of your domain name to make sure your competitors don’t register names that are very close to yours eg. dynamicwebs.com.au and dynamicwebsolutions.com.au, dynamicwebs.co.nz and dynamicwebsolutions.co.nz. All these variations can point to one website.
  4. People often try to register domain names with keywords in them. This is nowhere near as effective as it once was. Read about it.

Buy your New Zealand domain name for

  • $45 +GST  for a .co.nz, .nz or .kiwi  for 1 year, OR
  • a Top Level Domain name for $40.00 +GST  for .com, .net, .org, .biz, and .info names for one year.

These prices include domain name delegation. We also do DNS management, when domain verification records are required for Microsoft or Google.

There is a detailed article about choosing a .com domain name here, but note this information does not pertain entirely to Australian and New Zealand domain names.

Domain Name Parking & URL Forwarding

Domain name parking is where you have more than one domain name and you want one domain name simply to point to another. People often register more than one variation of their domain name to stop competitors from getting it and to capture traffic from addresses that people may try to guess.

e.g. dynamicwebs.co.nz is the main site, while dynamicwebsolutions.co.nz is registered and simply points to dynamicwebs.co.nz.