Like you, we prefer to keep things simple. In design we go easy on graphics, preferring text as it is faster to download, easier to maintain, better understood by Google… and of course, more mobile-friendly.

All our websites have Google Analytics built-in and are run by the WordPress content management system meaning you will be able to log in and make changes. We will make video screen shares to show you how to do the tasks you need to do on your website.

responsive web design
Responsive web design (like this site) resizes for all screen types on the fly

We will respond to your existing marketing materials, not impose our own preferences. We will not try to sell you a “new look” or logo, or use fonts that are outside your existing typefaces… you have worked hard to establish that identity and we will not dilute it.

We will ask you about your customers. Who they are? How old are they. Male or female. We will strive to give you a design that meets these customer’s needs, rather than those of casual site visitors who are never going to buy your product.

What We Don’t Do

  • We don’t overload your homepage and slow its load time
  • We don’t do bogus link pages or link trades that offer no value to your customers.
  • We don’t do splash pages that require an “enter” click to get into the site proper.
  • We don’t use un-copyright images from other websites. We buy a license for you on iStock
  • We don’t do automatic pop-ups or pop-overs.
  • We don’t open multiple browser tabs… in other words, we don’t do things to your site visitors that slow them down or confuse them.

The Website Design Process

  1. We get together and have an initial meeting. This could be in person, or if you are located further afield, via phone, Zoom Meeting or Skype.
    This is the time to tell me what your product or service is all about and what you hope to achieve with a website.
    I ask you whether there are other websites you like the look of or functions of, I ask you what you consider is special about your product or business and what extra or exceptional things I need to be aware of (e.g. trademark issues).
    We also discuss inputs: text, photos, logos… all the elements that will go into making your site. We decide who will provide which inputs. Sometimes I take the photos for your site, or write the text or create logos*.
  2. I email you a quote from Xero. The quote details what we discussed at the initial meeting and confirms a price for you to budget on.
  3. If you wish to proceed I ask you for a 50% deposit paid by direct debit.
  4. After I receive your deposit and inputs, I start work on your website.
  5. Once the site is complete I ask for your review and some of the finer points are ironed out, then we launch the site.

Once you feel the site is ready I proceed to search engine marketing and linking your site to known resources. I ask for your help in spotting and requesting sites to be linked to. Linking work is ongoing and generally quoted separately.

Down the track, if changes are required or if new sections or information are added to your site, these edits are charged at $85 per hour + GST. If you believe you are going to have a lot of changes, we need to discuss a content management system for you at step 1, above.

* Photos and text provided by DWS are copyright to DWS. Photos purchased on iStock can be reused by you in other marketing material

If you are looking for an Auckland web design company that will work with you on creating and extending your web presence, then please call us on 0212 17 14 95 to discuss your web project. See our excellent customers’ testimony. See our terms and conditions.

Completed Projects Gallery

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