Domain Name Registration

A domain name is your name on the web. It is the part of your web address that comes after the www. Your domain name is will also be used after the "@" symbol in your email addresses. Therefore it…


Web Design

Like you, we prefer to keep things simple. In design we go easy on graphics, preferring text as it is faster to download, easier to maintain, better understood by Google... and of course, more mobile friendly. All our websites have…



For most people it is hard to determine what makes a suitable host for their web site from a technical perspective. Most servers can host most web sites so other issues such as getting timely support and in plain English…

Completed Projects

All our websites feature the world's leading content management system, WordPress, monthly Google Analytics reports, and "responsive" design. Recent Auckland Web Designs Achievers NZ -…


That's Google-speak for website traffic statistics - how many people came to your site, from what country, using what devices, how long did they stay,…


Photography can make or break a web site. Ask yourself: would you buy online without seeing an image of the product? Would you buy anything…


How much does a website cost? Cost varies enormously depending on the amount of content and the functions of a site. A basic information site…

Real Customer Comments

I have done business with Peter Mitchell from Dynamic Web Solutions since February 2011. Peter is quick to do website changes I send him and is available by phone to answer questions and discuss issues.…
Mike Parkes Mortgages
Peter has been a godsend to me in helping set up my WordPress website. I wanted to learn how to do some things in Wordpress myself while have an expert take care of the technical…
CDK Coffee
Good job of managing my website. My website is always has a good ranking. I also get advice on other internet issues. Recommended.
Ellerslie Osteopath
It has been now the second time that Peter has designed my website. It is amazing how fast it was done and with such an ease. The final product is fantastic and lots of good…
The Psychic Wolf

Recent Articles

This section has useful information on marketing your website, how things work on the web and self help tutorials.

Get a Website Quote

When it is time to get a new website or refresh your existing site, your starting place is…
Read More June 1, 2018

How much does a web site cost?

The cost of a web site very much depends on... the website's function i.e. what it has to…
Read More February 1, 2018

Mobile Friendly Design

You may have heard the term "mobile friendly" and like so many IT buzz words, be a little…
Read More November 1, 2017

Recently Completed Mobile Friendly Websites

Below are some samples of websites that Dynamic Web Solutions has created across in a range of different industries. Load them on a desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone to see the design changed dynamically for each device.

Achievers NZ

Achievers NZ

One on one English language lessons for migrants.

Sharlene Mitchell, Photographer

Sharlene Mitchell, Photographer

Photo ordering site. Race night photos are uploaded within an hour of the event. Punters…

Lance West, Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon

Lance West, Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr Lance West practices a wide range of oral and maxillofacial…

Ieshahomes, Steel Framed Homes

Ieshahomes, Steel Framed Homes

Ieshahomes is a small, family based company that makes steel framed buildings.

What Is WordPress - And What Is It Used For?

Over 74,652,825 websites use WordPress - or 1 in 4 websites.

DWS makes all its websites with WordPress, the worlds leading content management system.