31 Mar

How you can add value to your website during lockdown

Whilst Covid-19 lockdown restrictions take effect today, if everyone plays along, we could be on the other side of this in 6 to 8 weeks. And when that happens and business starts to resume as normal, why not hit the ground running? Here are my Covid-19 homework suggestions for your business…

1. Tune-up the text on your site and/or add new content. This could just be checking the spelling, or it could be major page rewrites or new pages or blog posts.

2. Read your competitor’s websites. Do they present their products or services in a more engaging or thorough way? Is there anything to learn from them?

3. Look on https://www.istockphoto.com/nz “essentials” catalogue for photos that better tell your story or just for a freshen up. Changing photography is a great way to give a site a new feel.

4. Review your Google Analytics Reports (sent monthly by email in an attached PDF). Find out where your customers come from, what devices are use to look at your website, their geographical location and whether they are new or returning visitors, as examples.

5. Look for websites that you can request a link from. Links are important. After all, the web is a web of the links. If you get quality links into your website Google will push your website up its search results pages.

6. Check your Google My Business listing for accuracy. Especially opening hours, address and phone numbers. Remember, this listing comes up when people use Google maps. They may be navigating towards your business location so accuracy is important.

Covid-19: stay home, stay safe.

At Dynamic Web Solutions we continue to work under the bonnet of your website on keeping your WordPress software up-to-date, your cloud backups running, upgrading PHP, implementing SSL (what is this?) … all the things required for speed, security and reliability. Our servers are in an excellent data centre and are classed as “essential services”.

Finally, stay home, stay safe.

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