26 Mar

Traffic versus Sales

Not all traffic to your web site is equal. Although Google has the greatest number of searchers (49%), its users are not necessarily “ready to buy”. Research shows that the most productive search engine in terms of b2c purchasing is MSN (with only 10% market share of searchers). This means that while Google may deliver more customers to your site, those people do not necessarily have their credit card at the ready.

Image you have number 1 position on a search engine under the 1st, 2nd or 3rd keyword phrases of your choice. That sounds good doesn’t it? Sounds like what most web site owners would want. Still it is possible to get to number one, get a load of traffic, but not sales! Why is this the case? Because the people coming are not buyers: they are window shoppers. You want buyers. And that search engine isn’t delivering them. So how should you change you strategy to meet your goal – less traffic, more sales (you can work on higher dollar average later).

Here are some suggestions.

  1. Target your inbound links at site where you know people are buying. You want people who are familiar with purchasing on the Net. Not just looking and thinking about it. You should be selective and strategic in selecting sites to trade links with (your “link partners”) based on what people go to the link partner’s site for and what they do there. If the partner site has a high Google page rank and frequent buyers, then this could be a good link to obtain. Remember five or six inbound links is not enough. Fifty or sixty is more like it. You should constantly be requesting links and assessing who is linking to you.
  2. Or email specifically to people who are like your existing customers in some way.


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