Photography can make or break a web site. Ask yourself: would you buy online without seeing an image of the product? Would you buy anything on Trademe without seeing at least one picture? Would you buy if the image was low quality – what would that say about the product?

product photography
Product photos

When you buy online it is usually the photography that sells the product.

Surprisingly though, the photography on web sites can often be substandard – even taken with mobile phones. If you think your pictures could work harder for you call us today for a quote.

In brief…

  • We take product photos
    Let us prepare your web site or Trademe product photos
  • We buy in stock photos when needed
  • We take staff photos
    Let us prepare profile pictures for your web site’s staff page, or Skype, Facebook or LinkedIn profile photos
  • We take real estate photos and hotel/motel shots
  • We contribute to photo stocks
    Find our top-quality images on local photo stocks

Profile Photos

People buy from people, not from companies. Putting your best face forward on your website is crucial to making a personal connection with your prospects, customers and coworkers.

Real Estate Photography